My NYC Renaissance: the (updated) New York Food Chronicles

New York food discovery

I hadn’t planned on coming to New York – with the current climate I was happy to avoid the US for a while (clue: orange tan, blonde toupee, laughably mad) – but I was missing my family, and an upcoming cousin’s wedding created the perfect opportunity to book a ticket and go. And boom! Two weeks later I’m in a plane and on my way to the East Coast! I always feel very grateful and blessed when opportunities like this come up and are realised. And I’m so glad to be spending some time with family in my home away from home ?

And…I’m so excited about rediscovering New York FOOD! This is the first time I won’t be shopping like mad (now that I’m taking a break from work, and the US:UK exchange rate is abysmal), and it’s perfect because I realise that my New York food experience needs a reboot! I’ve been coming to New York for years and I’m used to associating it with Lombardi’s for pizza, Serendipity 3 for stupendous sundaes, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (I’m a New York snacker, not a diner) and other places, but a little desktop reconnaissance told me I’m behind the times and need to catch up, haha.

My goal for this trip is to find and eat great food in NYC without spending a fortune, although the exchange rates and hiked up NYC prices are working against me. But I will persist!

I have a list of places I want to check out – mainly pizza and gelato (my favourite foods) – and I’ll be posting reviews on Instagram primarily (I’ve already posted some, check out @birdflyingsolo) and also my blog, throughout. And by the end I’ll summarise with a view of what’s best in New York! Disclaimer: I will not get to try everything I want to! Therefore, this can’t be the ultimate ‘best’ of list, but just my opinion of whatever I’ve tried.


  1. Try to make your way to Smorgasburg – it’s a giant food fair and perfect for grazing! It’s where a lot of the innovative food vendors go. A feast for the eyes and the stomach 😉

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