Weekly Round Up of Goings On – 31st October


Pizza Santa Maria Margherita

The Margherita from Santa Maria – respectable

Welcome to the Weekly Round Up! I find myself collecting things I want to share, but not necessarily in a dedicated post, and titbits from my Instagram feed (which I post to regularly), so I thought this would be a good way of doing it: a weekly round up of all the goings on, reviews, and updates from my recent discoveries (think food exploration, London wanderings, style cravings).  Let me know what you think!

This week…

Vegan street food.
The Perfect Pastry.  


Vegan junk food at Broadway Market 

I recently visited Broadway Market for the first time. One of the many things I love about this city is that, as a lifelong Londoner, I still continue to experience plenty of ‘first times’, and going to London Fields and Broadway Market was one of them.

London Fields Broadway Market

The path to Broadway Market through London Fields – pretty busy on a Saturday, and all those glorious autumnal leaves!

Broadway Market is the Saturday market to go to for street food, gourmet fresh produce (like meat and eggs), and even clothes.

Me being me, I had to see everything there before I decided what to eat, and I now have a shortlist of places to try (because repeat visits are definitely on – I will be doing a full blog post on Broadway Market soon with more details). This time, I tried the buffalo tofu ‘wings’ from a brand new vegan food stand (called ‘Vegan Junk Food‘) – deep fried battered tofu smothered with buffalo sauce served with a cheesy dip. Vegan food is getting pretty interesting and creative – including some weird and wonderful ways of using jackfruit – but there is a lazy tendency to associate vegan food with healthy, and I’m definitely guilty of that.  This dish definitely proved that vegan food does not automatically mean healthy (the clue was in the name, I suppose): it was heavy, quite greasy, and really spicy (the burn-your-stomach kind). I felt a bit queasy afterwards, so this wasn’t for me, but …

Vegan street food tofu wings

Super fiery and decidedly unhealthy vegan ‘wings’ – too greasy for me, but they looked so good

Coffee – Climpson & Sons

Good coffee often means being surrounded by hipsters, and Broadway Market has both (it’s in Hackney, no surprise). As I’m a closet coffee drinker, I took the opportunity to try the famous Climpson & Sons, located in the heart of Broadway Market. I thought it would be cramped and crazy, but it was pleasantly nice and cosy. I found a seat inside on market day to wile away some time with my paper and dodge the enjoyable mayhem of the market.

Climpson and Sons coffee latte

Latte from Climpson & Sons. Latte art is mandatory.

The coffee is not quite for me – too strong and punchy – but it wasn’t their regular house blend, so I’d go back to try that. If you’re a strong coffee fan, this could be for you!

The Perfect Pastry with Dominique Ansel…

I didn’t think I would dedicate an ode to something which I never even used to like, but the delicious and quality treats at Dominique Ansel have changed my mind about viennoiseries. Eating their pastries has raised my standard of ‘good’ to another level, and seriously made me think about the importance of being present with and satisfied by what I’m eating – no matter what it is! Yes, a pastry made me philosophical about how I see food and how I eat, and also convinced me that good flaky pastry does exist. Read the full blog post on my verdict of numerous Dominique Ansel goodies, and whether it’s better to eat in or have them as takeaway.

Dominique Ansel Blossoming Hot Chocolate and pastries

A small selection of the excellent pastries available at Dominique Ansel

Pizza – Santa Maria

I’m always on the lookout for good pizza, and on a recommendation tried Santa Maria in Fulham. The Margherita is a reasonable £6.95, and a proper Napoli size i.e., falling off the edges of the plate. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but was certainly respectable, so I’d say it’s worth stopping off if you’re in the area and hungry.

Pizza Santa Maria Margherita

The Margherita from Santa Maria – respectable

Next week’s round up will include pizza (naturally), one of my favourite places to eat, and more…

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